Google Case

AgroTools, driving an agricultural revolution with bigdata. “According to Sergio Rocha, AgroTools founder and CEO, the only way to assess the integrity of territories as

Dinheiro Rural

AgroTools is an example of startup that transformed itself into a great technology company, serving giants like Amaggi, BRF, JBS, Walmart and so on. For

Mundo Geo

In addition to technologies, AgroTools also contributes with in-depth knowledge about tropical agribusiness, so that the platform effectively promotes digital transformation in the field, delivering

EXAME Agribusiness Forum

AgroTools is chosen as a technology that makes the agribusiness more profitable and eficiente. “According to Lucas Tuffi, Commercial and Marketing Director, AgroTools today is

Estadão – Economy and Business

It has as a differential to integrate in a same system, satellite data that maps deforestation, indigenous lands and conservation units, besides the information of

Stanford Business Case

AgroTools is recognized worldwide in a Stanford Business case. “Abiec developed a protocol for a geographic monitoring system created by AgroTools, wich many meatpackers adopted”